Free and paid proxy servers

Free proxy servers cost nothing and are easy to access. Unfortunately, that's where the advantages end and the disadvantages begin.

Free proxies have many users, so the speed is low, and the signal is unstable. Information passing through such servers is most often unprotected. Most free proxies are regularly blocked.

Paid proxies give the owner reliable and stable access; no one but the owner will use the IP address. They protect data and work at high speeds.

Comparative analysis of free and paid proxy servers

Paid proxies Free proxies
Proxy Speed Up to 100 Mbit/sTends to zero
Data SecurityHigh-level encryption, so you can surf the web safely, shop online, and register on any siteEncryption is not always reliable; your payment data can be intercepted by cybercriminals
Privacy and AnonymityIt is possible to hide personal data due to the fact that using a proxyLow, your data is easy to access
Connection stabilityService is responsible for the quality of proxies; servers are checked for validityMost proxies are already "blacklisted" or work intermittently

Advantages of proxy servers by Proxy.Market

Low prices

High-quality proxies from $0.02 for 3 days

High Speed

Our proxies can easily handle everything from surfing the web to parsing large amounts of data


Working since 2016
Every proxy is tested to make sure it works

Extended proxy server geography

Extended geography of proxy servers. You can order any quantity foreign proxy servers from 108 countries

Free test period

Give you 24 hours to check proxy servers in action


We work individually with every client

Legal clarity

Transparent and convenient infrastructure for organizations

24/7 tech support

Provide support without weekends and holidays

Restore proxy

We will help with recovery if the proxy was deleted at the end of the lease

Automated output

The proxy will appear in your account within five seconds

Affiliate Program

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Process Automation

A special interface (API) will save you from routine