Proxy servers for Discord

Private proxy servers for Discord allow you to use the popular communication service to promote products and services, develop your personal brand. They also provide strong anonymity, privacy protection, fast and secure connection and low ping.

C using a proxy, you can automate the promotion of your own account or business in general.To do this, we use promotion automation, multi-accounting, organize mailing lists and actively attract an audience from other social networks.

At the same time, high-quality proxies allow you to use special services and software for promotion without the risk of being banned from DIscord spam systems.


Low prices

Quality individual IPv4 and IPv6 proxies from 1.5 rubles per month.

High Speed

Our proxies can easily handle anything from surfing the web to parsing large amounts of data


We have been working since 2016. Each proxy is tested for functionality

Free Test Drive

We're giving you a day to check proxy servers in action


We work individually with every client

Legal clarity

Transparent and convenient infrastructure for organizations

24/7 tech support

Provide support without weekends and holidays

Restore proxy

We will help with recovery if the proxy was deleted at the end of the lease

Process Automation

A special interface (API) will save you from the routine

Affiliate Program

Another way to earn money for you

Automated output

The proxy will appear in your account within five seconds

Discord is primarily a social communication platform used by gamers and students. The platform is used by more than 300 million people, and is increasingly used to promote products, services, brands. And this will help private proxy servers for Discord.With their help, you can automate the promotion and quickly increase the popularity of your own profile or selected services and products, while avoiding account blocking by the administration.

Why do we need proxies for Discord?

Individual proxies can help SEO specialists, bloggers, entrepreneurs and ordinary users of the platform to perform a variety of tasks:

Automate mailings and promotion of your own content on other people's servers without a ban or sanctions

Register any number of servers or accounts and manage them from one device, both in normal and multi-threaded mode

Promptly increase the number of views to increase the value of the server and, accordingly, increase the profit from monetization

Protect privacy, keep your account anonymous, and improve connection speed and stability

Buy Cheap Proxy Servers for Discord

Proxy.Market allows you to buy as many Discord proxy servers as you need in a few seconds. All servers are operational, each one is automatically checked for validity before being issued.

If you need help with choosing and configuring a proxy or other questions arise, then a round-the-clock and daily technical support service works for you. Qualified technical support specialists without holidays and weekends in real time solve all the difficulties that customers have.