Proxy servers for Google

Proxies for Google help avoid bans and endless captchas for mass actions you need in digital marketing and SEO. They allow to efficiently carry out multithreaded data parsing. Besides, if you buy IPv4 or IPv6 proxies for Google, you can bypass Google Adwords limits.

Your Benefits

Low prices

High-quality IPv4 and IPv6 proxies with the prices starting at RUB 1 per month. When buying 5 proxies and more, the price for servers will be even lower

High speed

Our proxies will easily handle any task by web surfing up to parsing of big amounts of data


Have been working since 2016. Every proxy passes health check

Free Test Drive

You'll have 24 hours free of charge to test how our proxy servers work


We approach each customer differently

Legal compliance

Transparent and user-friendly infrastructure for organizations

24/7 support

We don't have days-off or holidays and promptly respond to your tickets

Automatic issue

You will get your proxy in your personal account during five seconds

Partnership programme

Another way for you to make money

Restoring the proxy

We'll help you restore the proxy, if it was deleted after the rent expiry

Process Automation

The dedicated interface (API) will help you out of the routine

Application of Proxies for Google

Anonymous proxy servers will also help you change the region in your profile to check the settings of advertising campaigns or enhance promotion efficiency for your website.

Individual proxies for Google are a must-have for SEO experts. With these proxies you won't be blocked and can:

Parse information

Analyze competitors' websites

Collect keywords to form the semantic core

Use dedicated software (Key Collector, Screaming Frog etc.) in the multithreaded mode

Make any other mass actions

The advantages of private proxies

Only users who know the login and password can access private proxies for Google. That's why no one will be able to compromise the bought IPs. The administration will not impose sanctions, as it won't be able to detect suspicious activities. Individual proxy servers are much more stable and faster than public ones.

Free proxies are promptly included in black lists of large websites or don't work at all. That is why they cannot provide high quality, when you need to do mass actions. Proxies you pay for are not blocked, and are validated by service providers. That's why chances to face defective or banned address go to zero.

You can buy affordable individual proxy servers for Google at Proxy.Market. Stable and fast IPv4 and IPv6 proxies of HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols are available. Each of them is validated before delivery, so all bought addresses will operate efficiently and cope with the set tasks. And 24/7 technical support will help resolve any issues, and set up the bought proxies correctly.