Proxy servers for Spotify

Personal proxy servers provide access to one of the most popular music streaming services from anywhere in the world, regardless of regional restrictions. The connection will be stable and high-speed, allowing you to enjoy a huge library of modern and classic hits without unnecessary pauses and downloads.

In addition to permanent access to your favorite music thanks to Spotify, proxies will hide the owner's personal data and protect it from intruders. This is especially important if you use a paid subscription that requires you to provide your payment information. And it is with it that the potential of the service is revealed completely, especially in premium tariffs, where you can download tracks to your device and listen to them even without a network connection.Moreover, a properly selected proxy server region will speed up the download and further increase the comfort when using Spotify.

Your Benefits

Low prices

Quality individual IPv4 and IPv6 proxies from 1.5 rubles per month.

High Speed

Our proxies can easily handle anything from surfing the web to parsing large amounts of data


We have been working since 2016. Each proxy is tested for functionality

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Legal clarity

Transparent and convenient infrastructure for organizations

24/7 tech support

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Process Automation

A special interface (API) will save you from the routine

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Automated output

The proxy will appear in your account within five seconds

The main advantages of Spotify are a huge music catalog and perfect music selection algorithms that select tracks for each user individually. At the same time, music is available in high quality, and when premium plans are connected, it can be downloaded to the device and not depend on However, even without payment, simply registering is enough to make the entire media library available for listening, albeit with advertising inserts.

Unfortunately, access to the service is not available in every region, and in some places only using proxy servers for spotify will allow you to enjoy an endless stream of music, selected especially for you. When you purchase quality proxies, your connection will be anonymous , stable and at high speed, and confidential information will be reliably protected from intruders.

Buy Cheap Spotify Proxy Servers

Private proxies for Spotify can be bought from Proxy.Market. In just a few seconds, you can get any number of servers. Each of them will be fully operational due to automatic validation right before issuing.

A qualified technical support service will help you with any questions you may have by choosing to setting up purchased proxies.Service employees are available 24/7.