Proxy servers for Steam

Proxy servers for Steam will help you solve different tasks right away: to protect your account from brute force, create and develop multiple different accounts, get access to games not available in the Russian segment. In the USA, the choice of games is wider, especially in indie and retro genres, and you can acquire them only via proxies.

But the opportunity to use IPs of different regions adds other benefits as well. For example, in the CIS countries the game selection is not that wide, but price tags of blockbuster games are often lower, and you need proxy servers to get maximum out of the platform.

Your Benefits

Low prices

High-quality individual IPv4 proxies with the prices starting at RUB 60 per month. When buying 5 proxies and more, the price for proxy-servers will be even lower

High speed

Our proxies can easily enable comfortable gaming without delays and failures, fast download of big amounts of data and stable high-definition streaming


Have been working since 2016. Every proxy passes health check

Free Test Drive

You'll have 24 hours free of charge to test how our proxy servers work


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Legal compliance

Transparent and user-friendly infrastructure for organizations

24/7 support

We don't have days-off or holidays and promptly respond to your tickets

Automatic issue

You will get your proxy in your personal account during five seconds

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Process Automation

A special interface (API) will save you from the routine

With anonymous proxy servers for Steam, you can buy and play the games not available because of regional restrictions. To avoid sanctions for creating an alternative account or accessing the store of the other region, it's important to use private proxy servers.

Free servers are attractive as you don't have to pay for them, but due to a large number of users, the connection speed is usually very low, and the connection itself is blocked or under suspicion of the administration, and this will result in subnetwork ban.

Besides, to use the Steam store you'll have to enter your contact and payment details, including the card number and CVV. It makes sense not to disclosure such information to public proxies, and to choose the most secured proxies among private ones.

What for do you need proxies for Steam?

Using proxy servers for Steam allows:

to freely download original versions of different games from the huge library of the distributor thus avoiding the need to use pirate copies;

to create an additional account that will allow saving access to the service, even if the main account is blocked;

to get access to your favourite games even if the employer has blocked this capability in the corporate network;

to protect your account from hacking, and payment details โ€” from theft.

Buy affordable proxies for Steam

At Proxy.Market, you can buy Russian anonymous proxy servers for Steam. Proxies are automatically validated before delivery, so you can get any number of functional proxy servers just in seconds. And 24/7 online support service will help you with the choice, settings and any issues you might have.