Proxy servers for Telegram

With proxy servers for Telegram, you will maximize the efficiency of all Telegram capabilities. Unique IP addresses open wide opportunities for multi-accounting. They can help promote your business or certain channels in Telegram.

Your possibilities to attract the audience and enhance project coverage will be limited only by the number of proxies you bought. You can use proxy both to parse information, manage chatbots or subscriptions, and to widen your audience directly, thus making your channels and goods more popular.

Your Benefits

Low prices

High-quality individual IPv4 proxies with the prices starting at RUB 65 per month.

Stable operation

When parsing in multithreaded mode and multi-accounting, our proxies work without failures


Have been working since 2016. Every proxy passes health check

Extended geography of proxy servers

You can order any number of Russian and foreign proxy servers

Free Test Drive

You'll have 24 hours free of charge to test how our proxy servers work


We approach each customer differently

Legal compliance

Transparent and user-friendly infrastructure for organizations

24/7 support

We don't have days-off or holidays and promptly respond to your tickets

Restoring the proxy

We'll help you restore the proxy, if it was deleted after the rent expiry

Partnership programme

Another way for you to make money

Automatic issue

You will get your proxy in your personal account during five seconds

Process Automation

A special interface (API) will save you from the routine

What for do you need proxies for Telegram?

What for do you need proxies for Telegram?

To parse the target information in the multithreaded mode without any sanctions;

Create any number of chat of bots and channels;

To configure the subscription templates;

To promote personal and business channels without restrictions;

To attract channel readers, subscribe and unsubscribe, manage mass liking and commenting;

To communicate without borders;

To collect, download and analyze statistics;

To create multiple accounts and manage all of them from one device.

Buy affordable proxy servers for Telegram

To work with Telegram, you need SOCKS5 protocol; you can buy stable proxies of this format at Proxy.Market. Foreign and Russian IPv4 proxies automatically issued just in seconds are available. Every proxy is validated, so all delivered servers run in a stable and reliable manner.

If you have any questions or need help in configuring or choosing proxy servers, don't hesitate to contact 24/7 technical support that doesn't have launch breaks and days-off.