Norway proxy servers

Individual proxies of Norway will provide stable and high-speed connection to foreign sites, services and trading platforms without regional blocking and restrictions. Also, such servers allow you to register and use accounts in bulk, effectively use other means of promoting brands, goods and services, while without causing sanctions from anti-fraud systems and the administration of the sites used.

Norwegian proxies will help SEO-optimizers, SMM-managers and other specialists in their work, entrepreneurs - in business development, as well as open access to foreign game servers and streaming services for ordinary users.

Your Benefits

Low prices

Quality individual IPv4 and IPv6 proxies from 1.5 rubles per month.

High speed

Our proxies can easily handle everything from surfing the web to parsing large amounts of data


We have been working since 2016. Each proxy is tested for performance

Free Test Drive

We're giving you a day to check proxy servers in action


We approach each customer differently

Legal compliance

Transparent and user-friendly infrastructure for organizations

24/7 support

We don't have days-off or holidays and promptly respond to your tickets

Restoring the proxy

We'll help you restore the proxy, if it was deleted after the rent expiry

Process Automation

A special interface (API) will save you from the routine

Partnership programme

Another way for you to make money

Automatic issue

You will get your proxy in your personal account during five seconds

Norwegian proxies can be used both to anonymize your account and protect personal data, as well as to perform work tasks and increase business profitability. They are suitable for data scraping, traffic arbitrage, participation in token sales, multi-accounting, mass liking and other solutions for SEO optimizers, SMM managers, digital marketers, crypto investors and traffic arbitrageurs.

Why do we need Norwegian proxy servers?

Norwegian proxies are important for many professionals, they can be used to:

Parse any data in multi-threaded mode from competitor analysis to collecting key phrases to form the site's semantic core

Register multiple accounts and use them to promote goods, services or business in general, without fear of being banned by the administration

Quickly increase the number of followers, likes and comments when promoting an account or group

Automate customer communications with templates and bulk-share potential customers with offers and other news about your business

Buy cheap Norwegian proxies

Norwegian private proxy servers can be bought from Proxy.Market in a few seconds and in any quantity. Each purchased address is automatically checked for validity before issuance, and there are no non-working ones.

24/7 technical support, which works daily and seven days a week, will help solve any issue that arises from choosing a proxy protocol to setting up a purchase in specific systems and programs.