Utm tag generator

If you need to collect statistics to analyze the success of an advertising campaign or track where customers are coming from, UTM tags will help you.

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What can a UTM tag generator do?

Automatic generation of UTM tags for any source

Simplified generation for campaigns on Yandex or Google resources

Check and fix the most common formatting errors

Create short links and QR codes

What are UTM tags?

UTM tags are special parameters that are included in links to your website or store. With their help, after the user clicks on the prepared link, data about the advertising source or site will be loaded into the call tracking or any other analytics system. The analysis of this data will allow you to find out the most effective ways to attract customers specifically to your business and will provide an opportunity to optimize advertising budgets for greater profit.

What UTM tags exist?

There are general and special UTM tags. Among the standard ones, the most important are:

  • utm_source — advertising source or platform (for example, Yandex or Google );
  • utm_medium — type of traffic (for example, banners in advertising networks or paid ads in contextual advertising);
  • utm_campaign — the name of the advertising campaign.

You can also set keywords, descriptions or identifiers.

Special tags include:

  • ct_vk — social network VKontakte;
  • ct_fb — social network Facebook*.;

Labels can be added to links manually, but the process can be much easier and faster thanks to the online UTM tag generator.

*Facebook/Instagram is a Meta Platforms Inc. project banned in Russia