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thanks to 15 million real IP addresses from 195 countries around the world.
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Why Professionals Choose Us


Go Global

In the modern world, where access to information can be restricted due to geographical barriers, our proxy servers provide access to data from leading cities in 195 countries, using IP addresses of real users, facilitating the collection of local information for marketing, SEO, and other tasks.

Ease of Use and Powerful Capabilities

Proxy.Market's infrastructure offers a convenient personal dashboard interface with traffic monitoring capabilities, quick start guides, and 24/7 support.

For experienced users, an API is available for proxy management, ensuring scalability and precise control.



Our proxies, by masking IP addresses, circumvent restrictions of systems like reCAPTCHA, making requests indistinguishable from the actions of real users.

This approach significantly increases data collection efficiency. In case of an IP block, the rotation system quickly replaces it with a new one, minimizing downtime.

Reliability Worthy of Trust

We continuously work on improving our infrastructure, ensuring 99.8% service availability, low response times, and a 99% success rate for requests.

Thanks to our extensive network of 15 million IP addresses in 195 countries, our clients can efficiently collect data using IP addresses of real users.


How online platforms use web data

Data Analysis and Collection

One of our clients, a major retailer, used residential proxies to collect data on consumer preferences and pricing trends before launching a new product line. Proxies allowed anonymously collecting and analyzing data from competitor sites and consumer forums, which contributed to the development of a competitive pricing strategy and successful market entry of the new product.


Reputation Management and Reviews

For one of our clients, a restaurant chain, a reputation management strategy was developed using proxies. The team monitored customer reviews on various platforms, hiding their true IP. This allowed for quick response to negative reviews and active promotion of positive comments, leading to an improvement in the brand's overall internet reputation.


Unlocking Geo-Restricted Content

An international trading company used residential proxies to access markets and platforms that were previously unavailable due to geographic restrictions. Proxies enabled market analysis and advertising campaign testing in various countries, significantly expanding the geography of presence and increasing sales volume beyond their main market.


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